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These are the official guidelines for Social Media at JCB. We want to create an open and honest environment where everyone can share information and opinions. We expect all that participate in Social Media on behalf of JCB to understand and follow these guidelines, failure to do so may jeopardize your future participation. Things change. As technology and new social media trends and tools emerge, we will continue to adapt this policy, so check back in to make sure you are up to date.

Social media is a great opportunity to engage in conversations related to the work being done at JCB and with the extended family of creators, users and operators of our equipment. If you chose to participate, please follow these basic guidelines:

Rules of Engagement

Be Yourself and Be Transparent. Your honesty (or dishonestly) will quickly be discovered. Even when you are talking as an individual, people may perceive you to be talking on behalf of JCB. If you blog or discuss construction equipment, maintenance, applications or other topics related to JCB business, be upfront and explain who you are or that you work for JCB. If you are not a JCB employee or a spokesperson, add a disclaimer stating so.

Speak the Truth and Stick to What You Know. If you are engaged in a conversation that relates to JCB or its products, don’t make unsubstantiated claims about features, benefits, performance or pricing. The same applies to speaking about our competitors. Make sure that you write and post about things in your area of expertise. If you need to make a comment or respond to something specific, verify details.

Be a Good Conversationalist. Talk to readers or fans as you would talk to real people in real situations. Don’t be afraid to bring in your own personality or say what’s on your mind. Consider content that is open-ended and invites response. Don’t be that guy at the party that engages in a monologue while your victims search for a way out.

Be cool. Part of the aim of social media is to create dialogue. When confronted with a difference of opinion, keep your cool. Express your opinions in a clear and consistent manner. Don’t pick fights and be the first to point out when you are wrong or you make a mistake. And remember what your grandmother told you, sometimes its better to say nothing at all- aka- sometimes the best response is no response.

Add value. Ask yourself these questions to determine if you have something to share: If it helps you, your co-workers, customers or partners do their jobs or solve problems; if it helps to improve knowledge or skills; if it contributes directly or indirectly to the improvement of JCB products or processes; if it builds a sense of community, then it adds value.

Moderation Guidelines

JCB does not endorse or take responsibility for content posted by third parties, referred to as user generated content (UGC). This includes text input and uploaded files (audio, video, images, documents).

We automatically accept all comments and reserve the right to moderate. We openly encourage user participation and follow a simple rule (borrowed). We will take the Good, the Bad, but not the Ugly. If the content is positive or negative and within the context of the conversation, then the content is allowed as is- regardless of whether it is favorable or unfavorable to JCB. However if the content is ugly, offensive, denigrating or completely out of context, then we reject the content. Profanity of any type will not be allowed. In other words, think PG.

JCB’s Commitment

We commit that we will not just have a presence within social media- we will be present. We will do our best to respond to comments when appropriate. We will provide honest, meaningful and consistent quality content. We will listen to what you-our customers, fans, friends, partners and team members are saying and continue to build on these relationships. We are here for YOU.

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