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JCB displays the new machine for the first time in North America at the National Farm Machinery Show

LOUISVILLE, KY (February 16, 2010)- This week at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, JCB is introducing North America to the newly-designed 3230 Fastrac Xtra. First launched to the European market last June, this new model retains the outstanding performance and features of the previous Fastrac 3230 model that it replaces – class-leading full suspension, ultimate braking and safety, high road speeds, equal weight distribution, systems capability and a well-proportioned cab. Now, the 3230 Xtra incorporates a host of new features designed to meet the needs of the modern operator and maximize the machine’s potential, both in the field and on the road.

The new JCB Fastrac 3230 Xtra

The 3230 Xtra includes a wide range of essential new features:

-P-TRONIC transmission with cruise control provides effortless and automatic gear shifting
-Xtra-Drive functionality offers stress-free, clutch-less driving
-New cab layout creates an enhanced operating environment
-More torque improves in-field and on-road performance
-Transport power boost provides increased pulling power at speed
-Variable flow hydraulics generate faster flow rates and lower fuel consumption
-Headland management option presents effortless control in the field
-Xenon worklight option generates near-daylight working conditions at night
-Quick-coupler layout makes air brake connection easier
-Updated air conditioning system improves air flow and simplifies control
-New front hood styling offers a more modern look

-P-TRONIC Transmission

The new 3230 Xtra comes standard with the 24-speed P-TRONIC power-shift transmission already offered in the Fastrac 7000 Series. With this transmission, operators can simply move the joystick for clutch-less gear and range changes between the six gears in each of the four ranges. Directional changes can be performed just as easily by using the same seat-mounted joystick or the optional left-hand column lever.

The P-TRONIC Transmission also offers the same flexibility and automation as the 7000 Series. In drive mode, the tractor shifts like an automatic car for speedy operation on the road. Similarly, a cruise control option allows the operator to easily set and resume an optimum forward speed. Autoshift mode is also available, enabling the tractor to automatically shift gears in the field based on the engine load and within parameters pre-set by the operator.


The new JCB Fastrac 3230 Xtra also features Xtra-Drive as standard. This innovative new feature makes it possible to drive the machine by just using the brake pedal. Like a vehicle with an automatic transmission, there is no need to use the clutch, which is perfect for those tricky road junctions or regular headland turns. When the operator is hitching the 3230 Xtra up to implements, the tractor’s clutch pedal overrides Xtra-Drive to retain perfect inching capabilities.

Cab Interior

The cab interior now features the same armrest as the 7000 and 8000 series, placing all the tractor’s functions at the operator’s fingertips. The joystick holds the controls for effortless direction and speed changes, as well as easy activation of the headland turn assist, the drive mode selection and the four pre-programmable function buttons.

To safely and productively operate any tractor, operators must be able to clearly view the surrounding terrain. That’s why the new 3230 Xtra has been designed to provide operators with the maximum level of visibility. The new compact right-hand console retains a low profile, while still keeping the new adjustable color touch screen for tractor setup and current work modes close at hand. With this touch screen, operators can easily alter and adjust all of the tractor’s parameters for optimum performance.

Engine Performance

JCB has increased the 3230 Xtra’s engine torque by up to 22 percent, giving the machine far more pulling power for top performance in heavy field-work applications.

A standard user-selectable power boost feature is controlled by an illuminated button on the armrest, allowing operators to choose between power and economy modes. When active, the power boost feature boosts the 3230 Xtra up to 270hp in the top two gears for greater acceleration at higher road speeds and more power when climbing hills.


The JCB 3230 Xtra features variable flow hydraulics with color-coded precision spool controls mounted on the armrest for ease of operation. This load-sensing system provides flow rates of up to 37 GPM with 26 GPM per slice for the most demanding implements—an increase of more than 25 percent over the previous 3230 model. Precise and accurate operation of spools is possible through either a programmed joystick button on the armrest controls or a headland management sequence. The piston pump only pumps oil when required for greater economy.

The load-sensing power beyond option is available for implements with their own valve block. With this option, the implement demands oil from the tractor only when required, again improving economy and efficiency.

A priority flow option is also available to replace the flow divider option on previous machines. This provides constant oil flow through the green spool valve to a service regardless of any other hydraulic functions, ideal for uses such as powering a fan on a seed drill.

Headland Management

Headland management is now available as an option on all Fastrac 3000 Series Xtra models as part of the field performance package, which also includes the ground speed radar. The 3230 Xtra uses the same simple and easy-to-use system as the latest 7000 Series Fastracs, allowing you to pre-program up to five different sequences, each containing up to 15 different functions. These functions can be linked together to provide an instant reaction or a delayed reaction based on a preset distance or time. This results in a true “one press” solution to headland maneuvers.

Xenon Worklight Option

The xenon worklight package option on the 7000 Series Fastracs has been so popular that JCB is now introducing the same package on its new 3230 Xtra machines. These lights cast a brilliant pool of illumination that’s almost as bright as natural daylight, allowing operators to clearly see their work areas and safely maintain desired forward speeds without compromising their quality of work.

The new JCB Fastrac 3230 Xtra went into full production in September 2010. This machine’s development demonstrates JCB’s continued dedication to helping customers get the job done. To learn more about the new JCB Fastrac 3230 Xtra and the entire Fastrac range, visit www.FastracXtra.com.

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